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2020 General Membership Meeting Announcement!

The Chantilly Youth Association (CYA) will hold it's annual general membership meeting and elections for positions on the CYA Board of Directors at 8pm on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 virtually via ZOOM.  <CLICK HERE> for meeting detail to join the meeting.  All CYA members are invited and encouraged to attend!  All of the Candidates will have an opportunity to make a presentation at the meeting.

The CYA Board of Directors is comprised of 11 total members.  This year, 5 positions are up for election:  Vice President, Treasurer and 3 “at large” positions.   

The CYA Nominating Committee presents the following Ballot:

Vice President:  Rob Fitzhugh
Treasurer:  Open
At Large:  Lee Cooper
At Large:  Andre Gutierrez
At Large:  David Gutkowski
At Large:  Gayle Hanlon
At Large:  Rich Hodge
At Large:  Nathan Perkins
At Large:  Michael Wheatley

Please read the candidate Bio's below. 

Candidate BIOS
- click name to see additional detail

Rob Fitzhugh
Current CYA Vice President.  Wish to continue helping guide CYA in serving the community.

Lee Cooper
Current CYA At Large Member.  Wishing to continue with the CYA BOD as At Large Member. 

Andre Gutierrez
I have served on a few different boards in the past (more close in line with my career), but have always been passionate about soccer, and helping the community in any capacity. I have lived in Chantilly for over 14 years, with my wife and 4 kids, and am excited at the opportunity to be able to contribute to CYA and Chantilly.

David Gutkowski
My three children have all participated in various CYA sports leagues over the years.   My son is 13 and is currently playing on the U14 CYA Travel Soccer Purple Team.   He has played (and I have coached) basketball since first grade.  I have volunteered as his age group's league administrator the last few seasons.  He has also enjoyed playing baseball through CYA in the past.  My daughters have both played (and I have coached) CYA basketball.   My oldest daughter is 11 and has also played soccer and softball through CYA over the years.  My youngest is 7 and has played pre-travel soccer through CYA as well.  I understand there is a need for someone with a legal background to help with the legal oversite committee.  I would like to serve as an at-large member and help fill this role, as well as help in any other way that I am able.   I have enjoyed working with CYA over the years and would like to further volunteer my time to this organization as an at-large member of the Board.

Gayle Hanlon
As a mom of two multi-sport athletes and supporter of countless others, I bring a unique and diverse prospective to the at-large member role that I am seeking.  My children have participated in CYA baseball, basketball (rec and travel), lacrosse and soccer and I have volunteered with various CYA sports in a number of capacities throughout the years: head coach, assistant coach, assistant equipment manager and "Team Mom". 

In these challenging times, I believe that youth sports programs and CYA's other community offerings are more important that ever, not just for our physical well-being, but also for the social-emotional wellness of all of us - athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers and community members alike.  Although I was not fortunate enough to have an organization like CYA where I grew up, I recognize that my participation in organized sports all the way through college provided life experiences and lessons that I continue to draw upon, both professionally and personally.  If elected, I will strive to promote inclusion and cooperation on the Board and within the organization.

Professionally, I am an attorney and serve as senior counsel to a not for profit organization involved in waste reduction and recycling.  If elected, I am able to draw on over 20 years of legal experience in order to make prudent and rationed decisions that impact this organization.  As a former small business owner for nearly a decade, I have the financial and organizational experience that is fundamental for all members of this Board and I will strive to maintain fiscal stability and provide financial transparency within this organization.

Aside from my volunteer experience with CYA that is referenced above, I have also served several terms on my HOA Board of Directors as both a member and an officer, and have held a variety of volunteer leadership roles within my community, including multiple terms as chair of our recreation associations' community activities committee and as a founding member and co-chair on our neighborhood swim team.

Rich Hodge
Richard Hodge VMI 2001 Sales Executive for SpaceCom Expo Commercial Space Trade-show and Conference I started coaching lacrosse in 2002 with VYI. I was a head coach at Madison HS for the boys varsity lacrosse team from 2008 to 20013. 2x Northern Region Champion. 2x Liberty District Coach of the Year for Lacrosse. Coached Lacrosse, Tackle Football, Basketball and Box Lacrosse. Founder of Capital Box Lacrosse League now owned by Madlax Inc. Over the last 20 years of youth sports developing boys and girls to compete and enjoy sports. I believe multi-sport athletes build good leaders. Having spent the last several years involved in CYA and Chantilly High School athletics, I think I have a unique perspective. I feel that I bring the voice of the parent and community to my role with the CYA BoD.  If elected I will represent all sports equally and be a champion of equality in all forms. CYA sports are a key part of youth development and our community as a whole. Its my goal for CYA to be the best provider of youth sports in the Northern Region of VA.   Relevant Experience: VYI Coach and VYI BoD Lacrosse 2002-2008 James Madison HS Boys Lacrosse Coach 2008-2013 Chantilly High School Boys Lacrosse Coach 2014-Present CYA Boys Lacrosse Volunteer 2016-Present CYA Board Member at Large 2019-Present CYA Volunteer Basketball Coach 2018

Nathan Perkins
I have significant experience in finance, sales and marketing, and asset management.  I have been involved with CYA sports for several years as a parent and coach.  Interested offering to help be a leader in the organization, and help guide this community however I can.  Want to do whatever I can to foster this community and assure it's position for current and future kids in the community.

Michael Wheatley
I have a vested interest in the success of CYA and its continued efficient operations.  I participated in many CYA sports as a child, and I have five young children who either currently participate in CYA or will likely participate in CYA.  I'm committed to honesty, integrity, and fair dealing.  All with the goal of providing first-class athletic opportunities and developing outstanding young men and young women.

ONLINE VOTING INSTRUCTIONS - available Tuesday, 10/13/2020
If you are voting by "Online Ballot", <CLICK HERE> to go to our our 2020 CYA BOD Ballot residing in Google Docs.  The ballot requires your email address, name and address.  Ballot submissions will be vaildated by the Voter being a CYA Member in our registration database.  Those votes by non-members will not be counted in this election.

If you need a computer or internet to vote, please come to THE FIELDHOUSE - Monday through Friday, between 10:00am - 4:00pm beginning October 13, 2020.  Both are available at our facility.