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Girls Travel Coaches 2012-13

Update: 17 September 2012

The following have been selected as CYA’s Girls Travel Coaches for 2012-13. The coaches for each grade are listed in order (i.e., the first coach listed will coach team #1, the second coach listed will coach team #2, the third coach listed will coach team #3, and (for 8th grade girls) the fourth coach listed will coach team #4. The FCYBL Executive committee has not yet made a final decision as to how many teams CYA will have in the various divisions at each grade level. 

5th Grade Girls: Theresa O’Brien/Craig Ballam, Randy Gulakowski, Craig Ballam

6th Grade Girls: Arnie Mason, Brian King

7th Grade Girls: Ken Francis, Brian Kelly

8th Grade Girls: Chris Luttges, Paul Rauch, Scot Townsend, Len Rosenblum

Travel tryouts will take place from October 1-8. The tryout schedule is listed at the bottom of this page.