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Age Groups

Helping players succeed

Youth rugby is divided into age groups, like any other youth sport. Rugby Virginia Youth League has designated 9U, 11U, 13U, 15U, and 17U as the age groups, with birthdays before and after December 31st being the deciding factor.
For example, a player who would still be 9 or younger on December 31 would be in the 9U age group (ie, 9 and under). Age groups align to calendar years.
Rugby Virginia has some clubs that are not very big (particularly some of the newer clubs), and dividing their players into these five age groups is difficult if not impossible. In that case, Rugby Virginia traditionally encourages its coaches and managers to work together to create a fun and educating environment for the players. If necessary, combining 9U and 11U players into one team, and 13U and 15U players into one team, is encouraged.
At all times, the coaches must find ways to balance the ability of the less capable players to have fun and contribute athletically to the team with that of older players. Helping players succeed is a sure way to encourage returning players year after year.