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Spring Celebration 2023


Our Spring Celebration 2023 was a success! Thanks to all who came out to celebrate and support 🥎! Check out some photos from the event.



Are You New to Softball?

Even if you aren't some handy information

CYA Softball House Program

We have put together a quick program summary for new families and those new to different levels.

For the Fall Season:

  • Registration begins in June and teams are formed in mid-August.  Late Registration ends September 2nd. 
  • Practices start 3rd or 4th week of August depending on your coach.  If you are late to get back from vacation don't worry but do register. 
  • Games will start in early September.
  • Expect to have at least one practice per week and games are played on Saturdays

For Spring registration:

  • Registration opens in early January (this season it started in December)
  • Teams are formed towards the end of March
  • Practices start last week of March, first week of April depending on your coach and school spring break schedule
  • Games start the second or third week of April and continue until last week of May or first week of June at the latest.  Season start varies slightly year to year depending upon Spring break
  • Teams will have at least two events per week – either one week night and one Saturday practices or one week night practice and a game on Saturday

General information for new parents and players

  • Players will need their own gloves and softball pants. 
  • Uniform tops and socks will be provided as part of registration. 
  • Softball players generally don't wear hats.  Its like a totally different culture from baseball!
  • Equipment needs are slightly different in the COVID-19 era.  We ask that players NOT share helmets and face masks.   As girls transition from tee-ball to 8U and 10U we require girls wear face masks on the field;  the masks helps build confidence and we want to protect those smiles.  

Fields where the action happens:

  • Tee Ball, 8U and 10U play primarily at Elementary Schools such as Greenbriar East, Greenbriar West and Brookfield
  • 12U plays primarily at Dave Denne Field on Franklin Farm Road
  • 14U/18U and Travel teams can play at Rachel Carson MS, Greenbriar Park #2 and #3, Poplar Tree Park, Chantilly HS

Team formation:

  • Teams will be organized by the age level coordinators
  • If you want to have your daughter play on a certain coach's team or with a buddy, there is a place in the registration form for these sorts of requests.

Who we play:

  • All ages may play interleague against other local clubs.  Travel time will be kept to a reasonable time, normally no more than 15 minutes away.  10U and above are more likely to play against other Fairfax teams
  • All Stars – 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U have the opportunity to play in a county wide tournament.  They get to play All Star teams from SYA, BRYC, Fort Hunt, NVGSA, SYC, and VGSL.  It is normally on Father’s Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  Players are recommended by their coaches and the coordinator picks the teams.  Not all ages participate every year.

Learning new skills:

  • We are going to do our best as a league to provide clinics to teach girls the skills to play the game at each level. 
  • We plan to keep going with our weekly free pitching clinics for several Sundays each season
  • We will also have hitting nights and batting clinics (depending on who is running them we call them different things) for the 8U group and for the 10U and older group. 
  • We have had a couple clinics run by advanced girls in the finer points of catching.  We will work hard to resume these.
  • We also worked with the Chantilly High School Softball team to run a camp last year to great success.

We hope you will join us this Spring!

Spring 2023 Registration is open!

You can register for softball here

Hope everyone has a great holiday season.  Look for yard signs to be put out shortly after Christmas.  Remind your friends and neighbors how much fun there is to be had. 

Warm weather isn't just around the corner but at least you can register and think about what that will be like.

And while you are thinking about Spring 2023 you can purchase great CYA Softball Merch here


Goodbye Fall 2022, See you in the Spring!

We hope you had an excellent Fall 2022.  I will miss all sorts of things from this season.  We had a lot of fun on those Friday night hitting nights.  I know I had a lot of fun on practice nights (despite how difficult it was to get practices on the nights we wanted). 

We can be very optimistic about our program.  I think about the girls at the higher age groups who volunteered to help their peers at the lower age groups.  That's fantastic stuff.   I want to thank in particular all the adult volunteers who came out and supported the program.   If you coached, helped out as an assistant, if you helped organize the girls in the dugout or got them motivated with post-game snacks, thank you! 

We will have some openings for roles, so If you wish to volunteer, reach out to your age coordinator or to me.

[November 12:  Parents and coaches volunteering to get Rachel Carson field ready (after a tropical storm the night before) for a day of games. ]



Incredibly Successful Picture day and Spiritwear sale!

Hoodies were happening!

Incredibly Successful Picture day and Spiritwear sale!

We had a great day today for photos and the spirit wear sale was incredible. 

I told everyone who was not able to get a hoodie that I'd provide a link for our store.

Here are couple examples of the hoodies we have for sale.   There are more.  We will add different logos and variations.  

Youth Black with round logoYouth Purple with Banner logo