Registration Fee Refund Policy

CYA Registration Fee Refund Policy
Recreational Sports

January 2017



The CYA Registration Fee Refund Policy is designed to offer our members a consistent refund procedure throughout all of our recreational sports. 

Changes in Policy

CYA reserves the unlimited right to revise any and all components of the Refund Policy set forth in this document.  All changes will be identified and introduced to our members on the CYA webpage.

Stated Policy

A full fee refund less $5 to account for system transaction fees will be granted prior to the end of the regular registration period.  The regular registration period varies among all CYA Sports.  The dates for each sport are identified on the CYA website in the “registration” portion of the website.  “Regular Registration Period” is defined as the timeframe where online registration is open and a late fee is not yet being collected.  For CYA Sports who do not impose a late fee, the regular registration period will be defined on the CYA website within the “REGISTRATION” pages.   

NOTE: If the withdrawal request is after team assignment, in addition to the $5.00 system fee, our $35 CYA Admin Fee will also be withheld.

Credit Card Convenience Fees are non-refundable.

Once the “Late Registration Period” begins, all refunds MUST be approved by the Sport Coordinator.   Late Fees are Non-Refundable.  The Sport Coordinator has the right to deny any refunds once the late registration period begins.

Refund Request Procedure

All refund requests that occur during the regular registration period MUST be made in writing and sent to the CYA Registrar:  All refund requests that occur after the regular registration period has ended MUST be made in writing to the Sport Coordinator. 

Final Dates to request a refund are as follows:

Spring Sports Season:  June 30th
Fall Sports Season:  November 30th
Winter Sports Season:  March 31st

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